Beginning midway through the 20th century the former Soviet Union and Eastern Bloc countries, and more recently China, have continued to expand upon their medal count at the highest level of international and Olympic competition.

The magnitude of these sporting achievements is an eventuality of the political, social, cultural, and economic objectives of those countries to attain sporting excellence amidst their global competitors; and the deep sense of national pride and incredible pressure to win that is felt amongst their athletes.

The most significant advancements in sport science were made in the former Soviet Union and Eastern bloc Europe. The Western sport training community is far from absorbing what was done in these countries as far back as the 1960s.

The next revolution in sport will lie in the metamorphosis of the system of preparation. All facets of development will be synthesized into a single holistic entity , and talent identification and selection will broaden its scope from athletes to include coaches, managers, and executives.

The epidemic of gerontocracy and nepotism will be abolished via the meritorious advancements of justly qualified professionals and no one will benefit more greatly than the athletes themselves.

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